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Storydriven media productions

We are Always Hungry

In an increasingly loud society the last thing we need to do is to shout even louder.
We believe creative, compelling storytelling provides an answer.

If an image is worth a thousand words, then imagine what a film can do.
The calculation is pretty easy: 24 frames per second x 1000 words = visual storytelling.

Storytelling means your message will be carried over through emotion.

It makes a viewer want to see the end. It makes your message both credible and catchy.

We are Always Hungry. We do storydriven media productions.

But before we continue, we would love to hear your story.

Tim Buhck


The Belgian side of Always Hungry.  
Finished his education in International Journalism & Documentary.

Straight after his internship in Colombia, he started freewheeling to develop his signature as a filmmaker. Dreaming of purposeful films that in one way or another create some impact for the better. 

Don't tell anyone he's born in '96, which makes him the youngest of the team (even though the beard suggests differently).

Denise Elbel


Denise is the German part of Always Hungry. Specialized in Visuals Arts, Music and Media, she's this sort of 'educated' artist. After some "School of Life" and freelance filmmaking. She graduated her master in Environment & Science Communication, to combine science with filmmaking. Her focus lies on continuity & composition in film.


Denise is always hungry for art with purpose, and stands in for gender equality and environmental justice.

Visual Storytelling

Always Hungry for Teamwork

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